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About Knowledge Unlimited

Judith Laitman:

Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. is an independent, woman-owned company based in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded in 1983 by former classroom teacher, Judith Laitman, Knowledge Unlimited’s mission is to provide high-quality supplementary learning materials that engage students, promote critical thinking, and build important background knowledge across the curriculum.

Classroom Current Events Programs

Knowledge Unlimited is the publisher of two of the most innovative current events programs available — NewsCurrents, and Read to Know. These programs go way beyond presenting current events, they are also some of the most effective tools you will find for building crucial background knowledge and literacy. Find out more about these great programs here.

We are honored that NewsCurrents Online has been chosen as one of District Administration Magazine's “Top 100 Products” for three of the last four years.

School and Motivational Posters

Knowledge Unlimited has produced hundreds of educational posters that help you to create an atmosphere of learning in your classroom. Our posters are more than decorative, most contain significant educational content to provide a uniquely enriching learning environment. As one of our customers so aptly said “Even the walls can teach.” One convenient way to view our poster selection is to visit our online poster store here.

The KU Store

Knowledge Unlimited’s full selection of supplementary materials across the curriculum, including posters, award-winning DVDs, resource guides, learning kits, maps, and much more can be found at our online store here.

Zino Press Children’s Books

Zino Press Children’s Books is a small division of Knowledge Unlimited dedicated to publishing original rhyming children’s books (for phonemic awareness) and unique multicultural books. Visit Zino Press here.

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