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Home of NewsCurrents, the current events discussion program that gives your students the background they need to engage with and understand the news.: NewsCurrents is off for the summer. We thank you all for participating in the NewsCurrents program and we wish you a happy, healthy summer. We will resume publication for the next school year beginning the week of September 7th, 2020. NewsCurrents is a weekly teacher-led, discussion-driven, student-focused, and standards-based subscription program.: How NewsCurrents Works: Whole group teacher-led discussion; Discussion guide written on three comprehension levels for use in grades 3-12; Background information to explain the news and put it in context; Encourages critical thinking, debate, and reflection;: What you get with NewsCurrents: 34 weekly issues delivered online or a mailed guide and DVD; Written on 3 learning levels; One subscription can be shared with your entire school.: NewsCurrents aligns with CCSS speaking and listening, reading information, and opion writing standards.: The Student Editorial Cartoon Contest provides young people with a unique way to express their opinions about current issues. Entries now being accepted for the 2020-2021 school year.: What people are saying about NewsCurrents: 'My students have begun to be very interested in the world around them. We love NewsCurrents.' 'My students cheer when we have NewsCurrents. Parents often comment how their children seem so knowledgeable about current events.' 'NewsCurrents is absolutely the best way in the world to expose and teach students about current events.: